Welcome to the first LNG/CNG station in Poland and East-Central Europe!

LNG/CNG station in Mateuszewo was first open on 10 December 2015 in response to the needs of long-distance transport. It is open for the general use and is suited for most types vehicles, which can refuel their tanks quickly and inexpensively.

Company PGK Śrem (station’s owner) acquired a solution from the leading LNG supplier – Cryogas M&T Poland.

The station is equipped with a LNG refuelling dispenser with mass measurement and allows LNG filling in the automatic mode.

The object is equipped with:

  • Single use LNG terminal with JC-Carter adapter
  • Dual use CNG terminal with NGV-1 adapters

The station has also a parking lot for trucks (available for station’s customers).

The object is located in Mateuszewo village on the route Śrem-Zaniemyśl (Road 432), western part of Poland. The entrance to the station is near the road junction  (road 432 with the side road in village Luciny)

The suitable location near transit routes on West-East axis, supports European long-disance transport.

The LNG station is easily accessible from A2 and S11 roads via provincial roads 432 and 434.

An overview map

Google map

Accepted payment methods:

  • CryogasCard : 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Fleet card : 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Cash (PLN), debit & credit cards : Monday-Friday 7:00 – 23: 00

Cena gazu

CNG 5,97 zł/kg
LNG 5,97 zł/kg

In order to get a fleet card please contact our office.

CryogasCard fuel card
LNG refuelling in 24/7 mode and a guarantee of a low LNG price are the main advantages of the CryogasCard fuel card. The CryogasCard allows you non-cash transactions, the possibility of LNG pricing in EUR and access to other LNG stations in Poland and the European Union.

Benefits of CryogasCard at LNG station in Śrem

  • Cashless access to LNG refuelling at the station in Mateuszewo in 24/7 mode
  • Attractive pricing conditions for the purchase of LNG gas
  • Favourable billing periods and the possibility of paying in euros
  • Real life access to executed LNG refuelling operations
  • Access to LNG refuelling at other stations in Poland and the European Union

For further information on CryogasCard, please contact Mr. Karol Wieczorek
Mob. +48 720 800 392
E-mail. k.wieczorek@cryogas.pl

PGK Śrem

ul. Parkowa 6, 63-100 Śrem

biuro@pgk.srem.pl 61 28 30 511

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